Online Counter Terrorism Awareness Course

My Counter Terrorism Awareness Training Course aims to improve knowledge of the threat to individuals, businesses and public areas so that business resilience and security may be reviewed, redesigned and rehearsed as part of the overall Duty of Care to staff and customers.

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Counter Terrorism Awareness Training:

Terrorism Awareness & Counter-Terrorism Strategies Training Course, aims to improve knowledge of the threat to businesses and public areas so that business resilience and security may be reviewed, redesigned and rehearsed as part of the overall Duty of Care to staff and customers. This course is designed for those responsible for securing locations that attract large numbers of the public such as shopping malls, restaurants, stadiums, entertainment venues and office blocks. The course gives delegates an awareness of the existing and future terrorism threats and how this should affect their organisation.

Designed and delivered by Terrorism experts and practitioners, this training course combines presentations as well as individual and team activities designed to establish a practical understanding of the terrorist threat, enabling delegates to construct, deploy and validate relevant counter-terrorism plans and measures. Inert weapons and explosives will be used as training aids.

Who should attend?
• Anyone involved in managing organisational safety and security.

This course covers:

1. Understanding the different types of terrorism and the current threats.
2. Understand the terrorist attack planning phase cycle
3. Identify the current types of attacks and terrorist modus operandi
4. How an attack may manifest itself and develop
5. What staff would be expected to do in the various situations
6. To identify the specific risks and vulnerabilities terrorism creates
7. How to develop emergency procedures

What’s included?
• Detailed course notes
• Lunch and refreshments
• On completion you’ll be awarded a Pendry Risk Management, Training Academy certificate

There are no prerequisites for attending this course

This one-day training course is available at our training locations in London. It can also be delivered in-house.

Cost £347

22nd July 2021 – Live Counter Terrorism Awareness Training

Six modules:

1.1 Learning Objectives:

– Understand the history of terrorism
– How terrorism is defined, and
– What terrorism looks like?

2.1 Learning Objectives:

– What a risk owner is and what legal obligations they have
– The security context and how to establish it.
– The current terrorist threat level, how it’s calculated and where you can find it.

3.1 Learning Objectives:

– How to identify and quantify vulnerability
– The impact of terrorism
– How to use a risk assessment
– How to identify risk reduction measures, and
– How to use the dynamic risk assessment

4.1 Learning Objectives:

– The two main methodologies used in target selection.
– How to develop your operational security
– How terrorists plan their attacks and the differences between hard and soft targets.
-The importance placed by terrorists on hostile surveillance and how this difficult task can be

5.1 Learning Objectives:

– The activities associated with the deployment phase of the attack planning cycle.
– The vulnerabilities that terrorists expose themselves to during this phase and the ways they can
be detected.
– The recent attack methodologies that have been used: vehicle as a weapon, edged weapons,
IEDs, and marauding terror attacks and mitigation strategies to reduce their impact
– The difference between direct and indirect attacks
– How Chemical Radioactive Biological and Nuclear (CRBN) and cyber terrorism. can be used by
– And finally, the last phase of the attack planning cycle: exploitation and why it is so important

6.1 Learning Objectives:

– What a security culture is and how to create it.
– What is a Security Plan and how to write one
– How to develop Standing Operational Procedures and contingency plans