How Will Your Business, or Organisation Respond To Crisis?

There are many organisations that have no response in place to manage a crisis situation. The fact of the matter is that they’re flying by the seat of their pants, operating under a misguided notion that because nothing bad has happened to them so far, then it won’t in the future. However, the truth of the matter is that for everyday that an organisation has not had a crisis, is a day closer to having one.

When a Crisis Hits

crisis management

When a crisis hits it can be an overwhelming event that is impossible to outmaneuver – a tsunami for example. But there can also be a gradual escalation, a hierarchy of events that worsens from a routine emergency, to a major incident, and that finally manifests as a crisis, the outcome of which can threaten the very survival of the business.

Below, I discuss points that you need to be think of to ensure that you’re organisation is crisis ready. As you read through it, I’d like you to think of similarities within the management systems of your own organisation. In this way you are self auditing.

Our Free Crisis Audit Covers Questions Such As :

Q : Have you identified the various threats to your business?

If yes, have you developed plans for each identified contingency? If the plans are successfully implemented when an event occurs a crisis can be averted. However, if the plans don’t work then a crisis often ensues. Therefore, it is essential that the major threats to organisation are identified and the correlation of how they can effect the business established.

Q : Have you identified those individuals within your organisation that will manage the crisis when it occurs?

If an organisation thinks that it will have sufficient time to identify a crisis management team (CMT) that will effectively deal with the event when it occurs, then it is sadly mistaken. Individuals need to be identified and specific roles and responsibilities allocated.

It Makes Sense in 2018 to Have a Security Management Plan

No one with any sense would set out on a hazardous journey with out some kind of map that will assist them in reaching their objective, a security management plan (SMP) is such a device, do you have one? This document plays a significant role in managing the crisis, its features including: the identification of indicators that prescribe that the organisation is actually in a ‘crisis’- acknowledgement of this point is a key factor; the ability to communicate with stakeholders effectively giving them timely, consistent and accurate information; a media strategy that will allow the organisation to control and manage the often unquenchable thirst for information; and in general contain the elements needed to map out the necessary tasks that will help make managing a crisis easier that much easier.

I Will Help You Get Crisis Ready

If you’re able to identify with some or all of the themes above, then you’re probably feeling positive right now and congratulations are due as there’ s a good chance that you’re crisis ready or, on the way to achieving it. On the other hand, if there is little no commonality in what I’ve highlighted and your management system don’t be too dejected. Acknowledging that there is a problem is the first stage in putting it right and I’m here to help you. Fill out the contact details below and we can talk about setting you on the right path to becoming crisis ready. The service is totally free and comes with no obligations.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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