Frequently Asking Questions

Are there discounts available for charities?

Yes. If you interested in learning more about options for small charities and social enterprises then please do get in touch

Can I reuse your materials?

You can share our materials with attribution – that means you must be clear that  Pendry Security Training is the author. You may not use our materials to develop or role out your own training courses or programmes unless this is an agreed part of a bespoke training solution we will develop.

Data Protection

Yes. We are committed to the highest standards of data protection. Check our data privacy information to learn more

Do you ever cancel courses?

Very rarely course may be postponed. We will avoid this wherever possible, and if it does happen it will be done in line with our cancellation policy.


We welcome feedback. Please do tell us anything you want to about the delivery of your learning – praise is great but criticism, as long as it is positive will give us opportunities to improve. We ask each course attendee to provide anonymous feedback as part of the post course support.

How does the pre and post course support work?

In the run up to your course you will receive a series of emails with links to surveys and pre-course reading. Both are optional, but will be useful. These emails will start to arrive two to three weeks before your course.

After the course you will receive the training presentation; exercise sheets; templates and other materials used. You will also be asked to complete a feedback survey, be sent some post course reading, and an attendance certificate. If eligible CPD points will be awarded.

Late Payment

Payment terms unless agreed otherwise are set out in our terms and conditions. If you think payment may be delayed it is very important that you let us know as soon as possible.

Post Course Support

Post course support lasts for six months from the day of your training and is there to ensure you can apply your learning in a practical, useful way. We will happily coach you through difficult situations, review documents you have drafted, or answer queries. We will not for example produce documents or materials or take part in team or other discussions

Where do you offer training?

We currently hold courses in London but are looking for venues in the other UK main cities. In house or bespoke training can occur wherever you want.

Why do you seek payment at booking?

There are significant costs and preparatory work involved preparing to deliver learning in all our settings. We therefore ask for payment or raise an invoice at or shortly after the point of booking.