About Pendry 

Pendry Risk Management

The Risk Consultancy was founded in 2005 by its CEO and Senior Consultant Richard C Pendry. Richard served in the Parachute Regiment before entering into private security in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion of 2003. Since then he has constantly been involved in providing security advice to organizations that find themselves in challenging environments.

Richard has a degree in Security and Risk Management (Leicester) and a master’s degree in Terrorism and Political Violence (St Andrews). He is also a member of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM), has written articles for industry magazines and has appeared on UK TV and radio as a subject matter expert.

At Pendry Risk Management we help organisations to identify and understand the risks to their business. We then build business resilience by ensuring that the right processes are in place to bring the risks down to an acceptable level.

To ensure organisational resilience we provide consultancy services in the form of Risk Management, Crisis Management and Response, Business Continuity Management and Counter-Terrorism strategies.

At Pendry Risk Management we believe that building the capacity of staff is paramount in order for an organisation to develop a resilience strategy. In order to do this we’ve designed a number of training packages that are specifically designed to enhance the competence of staff members, thus allowing them to develop and maintain the necessary organisational security cultures.

Why Us 

At Pendry Risk Management we are not a faceless corporation. We have built our reputation over the last 15 years by providing professional services that have allowed us to grow by word of mouth. We operate by using our extensive network of contacts and range of strategic partners that help us provide our clients with a comprehensive risk management support. At Pendry Risk Management you don’t buy a solution off the shelf, we design it for you.