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Pendry Risk Management was founded in 2005 by its CEO and Senior Consultant Richard C Pendry. Richard served in the Parachute Regiment before entering into private security in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion of 2003. Since then he has constantly been involved in providing security advice to organizations that find themselves in challenging environments.


Richard has a degree in Security and Risk Management (Leicester) and a
master’s degree in Terrorism and Political Violence (St Andrews). He is also a
member of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM), has written articles for industry magazines and has appeared on UK TV and radio as a subject matter expert.


Anyone involved in managing risk both in safety and security sectors can join event

The security concerns that we face on a daily basis in the 21 st century are broader...
Pendry Risk Management’s training courses are unique to the company...
The client brief was to ensure that the Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghan...


Pendry Risk Management’s training courses are unique to the company. The subject matter has been accumulated by experts who have spent decades in the field ensuring the safety of their clients and includes the most up-to-date intelligence.

Understanding risk gives you one of the most important tools there is to achieve success.  Risk management will help you look forward to see off threats, and also seize opportunities… READ MORE

Crisis management and crisis management planning can protect organisations against complete failure if/when a catastrophic disruption happens…READ MORE

Terrorism Awareness & Counter-Terrorism Strategies Training Course, aims to improve knowledge of the threat to businesses and public areas so that business resilience and security may be reviewed…READ MORE

This one day course gives an overview of the principles, terminology and practice of Business Continuity Management, based on the Business Continuity Institute’s Good Practice Guidelines…READ MORE

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