Risk management consultancy

Professional consultation and training built on 17 years’experience in corporate security, anti-fraud, fire and life safety and operational risk management within banking, finance and other industries – customized to your needs

  • Consultation on operational risk, fire and life safety, fraud and financial crimes
  • In-house training for groups of all sizes
  • Financial crime investigation

Nolan Williams, a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and founder of The Risk Consultancy offers comprehensive anti-fraud and operational risk services. Williams has a great amount of experience in risk management and worked for more than 15 years at one of the most globally recognised investment bank in the city of London .

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Know your risks

  • Operational risk

    Operational risk is the potential loss of something as a result of failed or inadequate people, processes, systems and outside events. To paraphrase; it is the risk of business operations failing due to human error.

    Our training program can help you mitigate and control operational risk by enabling you to understand its sources and the common mistakes leading to adverse events. Our customized training program is designed to help you avoid the breakdown of internal procedures, people or systems.

  • Credit risk

    Simply put, credit risk centers around the possibility of someone defaulting on their payments. We can help financial institutions and other companies minimize credit risk by training their workforce in recognizing related risk factors. During such a training course we go through how best to get to know your customers and their financial history, analyzing annual reports, key ratios, cash flow and security.

  • Fraud risk

    Three interrelated elements enable fraud; motive, opportunity, and the ability to rationalize.

    Fraud risk is simply the vulnerability an organization has to those capable of overcoming all three elements.

    Our fraud risk management service is designed to help you better manage the business risk of fraud by enabling you to understand inherent and residual risk, what factors influence fraud risk, your business and the environment, and the importance of effective internal controls.

    You will get a clearer picture of your roles and responsibilities towards fraud risk management and the type of framework that enables effective management and control.

  • Money laundering risk

    Money laundering is the disguising of the existence, nature, source, control, beneficial ownership, location, and disposition of property derived from criminal activity.

    Our anti-money laundering training courses spread over a wide area and include money laundering process, Know Your Customer, due diligence and enhanced due diligence. The courses also cover areas such as suspicious activities, suspicious activity reporting, risk appraisal and control, and AML risk management framework.

Nolan Williams is an operational risk, anti-fraud, fire and life safety and security consultant with 17 years of experience within international banking, finance, and other industries
​​​Everyone takes risk – it’s inherent in the many routine processes of our lives, business practices and decisions. The Risk Consultancy's customized training and consultancy helps your organization manage the business risk of fraud, anti-money laundering and operational risk.
Nolan Williams